Psychologist’s Story

urlHaving been in the medical field for some time, I’ve learned to recognize that my patients desire more than just the standard office visit. They’re genuinely interested in their own psychological well being, and in many cases, they want to better understand any illnesses they may be dealing with. I set out to create a blog after realizing this. While I don’t discuss individual patients or their details, I am able to write articles that elucidate some of the more recent research in the field. This is enormously helpful for anyone, patient or otherwise, who might be curious, but who needs to rely on the opinion of an expert.


I also started my blog to write articles with helpful steps for dealing with different disorders, from relaxation tips for someone suffering from anxiety disorder to perspective for those who might have depression. My blog expands the conversation so that more people are aware of the conditions that are perfectly natural for people to be going through and how they can help too. There’s a lot to consider in my field, and much of it can be confusing or filled with jargon. Starting a blog made the best sense to get to the heart of a lot of those matters without giving up my professional practice.